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How can you offer items so cheap?
We are a zero-profit venture, relying 100% on donations and sponsors to help us resource and provide you with products. Whilst maintaining a standard of ethical sourcing and distribution we aim to keep costs to a minimum, charging only what it costs to create and distribute your items. Any surplus gained (e.g. via donations) is invested in new products, or used to subsidise / assist people with their purchases.

Are your products sourced ethicaly and in a sustainable fashion?
We guarantee all of our products to be:

  • 100% sweat shop free
  • WRAP certified
  • Eco friendly
  • Sourced from FLA certified suppliers

A full explenation is available here.

What does 'curvy fit mean?
Rainbow Wear desires to cater for all people regardless of body size or shape. Our 'curvy cut' items are designed to fit bodies with breasts and hips. If you normally wear what other clothing lines describe as 'female fitting', then you might like to try our curvy cut items. You may find that non-curvy-cut items fit you just as well of course. We're all about providing you with choices.

Where do you get your stock from?
Our main suppliers are AS Colour, Gildan and Australian Stitch. We always endeavour to source our garments from ethical suppliers that are sweat shop free with certifications from the Fair Labour Association (FLA) and or Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP).

Do your garments differ in quality?
Yes they do. We try to offer a selection of garments that are suitable for all budgets. If you'd like some advice on choosing a garment to suit your budget feel free to contact us.

What if the product I ordered is out of stock?
We do our best to keep stock levels updated but sometimes this does happen. If this is the case we will contact you immediately. In the case of resource items, you will be offered a full refund, or an eta on stock availability. For clothing itmes, you can choose another colour or product and you wont pay anything more even if it's more expensive than your original choice. If it's less we will refund you the difference.

What if I need a style or colour that isn’t on your website?
Just contact us with the details of what you need and we'll do our best to source it for you, no problem at all.

How do I work out my size for clothing?
An easy way is to simply grab one of your own tshirts that fits well and lay it flat on the table. Measure across the chest from armpit to armpit (half chest) and match to the garment accordingly. Every garment has a size chart and other information in the Product Info link.

*Please note that the size charts are a guide only and there is an accepted industry tolerance around 2cm in length and width.

Do you offer discounts?
Yes we do! 

  • 5+ items 5% discount
  • 10 + items 10% discount
  • 20+ items 15% discount
  • 30+ items 20% discount

What is the quality and feel of your clothing items?
A DTG print on white or light garment feels smooth and soft, in fact you can’t feel it at all. The ink pigments bond deeply in to the fabric instead of sitting on top. On dark garments however, the print is slightly raised due to the white under base and therefore feels more like a screen print. A DTG print is not as durable as a screen print and needs more care when washing.

A screen print sits on top of the fabric and is therefore raised and sometimes slightly rough depending on the ink used. It is a much more durable print that you get with DTG and also has better washability.

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