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Our ethics and sustainability promise

It can feel like the sustainable stamp is making its way onto many initiatives, but the face of fashion might be the last to make the leap. In a world of fast fashion, what does it really mean for Rainbow Wear?

We tend to have a lot of fun at Rainbow Wear, but that's not to say that we aren't doing our bit to reduce our environmental and societal impact globally. If your searching for an ethical company that embodies a sustainable approach to fashion, here's what you can expect when you order from Rainbow Wear:

1. Sweat Shop Free

Quality apparel shouldn't come at the price of human rights, and we're proud to only source sweat shop free goods for our likeminded customers. Why? Because leading an ethical t-shirt printing company is a shared value of our entire PrintLocker team, who proudly stand behind our products which are made in fair conditions. How do we ensure our standards are sweat shop free?

All of our products are:
• Manufactured in fair working conditions
• Employees are fairly compensated, coercion free
• Made by employees of a legal age

While sweat shops still exist, so too does the responsibility of retailers and customers to support companies that refuse such conditions. Ethical t-shirt printing is the future of fashion, and we're committed to supporting this societal driver by ethically dressing our customers. Join the movement!


2. WRAP Certified

Rainbow Wear only source apparel product lines from global suppliers that are WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified. Without appropriate documentation, we do not enter into an agreement of service. We're known for our responsible production, and this is something that will not be compromised.

As the world's largest independent certification program, we believe that there is no excuse to be operating outside of WRAP in 2019. Next time you add an article of clothing to your cart, consider whether it has been made with safe, lawful and humane manufacturers. Make the change and start demanding WRAP certification from the brands you love.


3. Eco-Friendly

We're in the game of resourcing people, not leaving a carbon footprint. For some businesses, these legacies are not equally weighted, with Mother Earth wearing the damage of decisions made without considering the environment. At Rainbow Wear, we maintain an eco-friendly operation by adhering to, and endorsing, the following standards:
• using natural fibres where possible, like cotton and bamboo
• reducing plastic packaging
• minimising waste and discarding it accordingly
• setting internal green goals within our warehouse

Creating a sustainable venture started with a single step, and now Rainbow Wear is sharing this retail standard with every item we ship. When you wear Rainbow Wear attire, you're wearing more than just a design. You're wearing change.


4. Fair Labor Association

Being a sustainable organisation is about supporting local and national initiatives that promote fair working conditions. All Rainbow Wear partners and suppliers provide product that is accompanied with an FLA (Fair Labor Association) certificate. Without an FLA certificate, we refuse service, so you can be assured that you're supporting fair labour through supporting Rainbow Wear.

Manufacturers that fail to comply with FLA standards will not make their way to our store, and into the homes of our customers. It's that simple. We appreciate that shoppers are savvy to these global issues and have found our brand to be quality in design, and transparent in our production cycle.
If you have a passion for progress and honour ethical practise, then Rainbow Wear is your one stop sustainable provider of LGTBQI+ resources.


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