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We believe that all people, including LGBTQI+, should be welcomed, accepted, and included within community. We also believe that there are others, like us, who think this. Rainbow Wear products are designed to help you celebrate and promote your inclusivity. 

We encourage people to do more than just wear our products, but to live up to the love, acceptance, vision and community which they represent.

Formed in 2021, Rainbow Wear evolved from a grassroots community of likeminded individuals, who were already distributing and wearing rainbow shield pins with pride. We simply picked up what was already there and expanded.

We are a zero-profit venture, relying 100% on donations and sponsors to help us resource and provide you with products. Whilst maintaining a standard of ethical sourcing and distribution we aim to keep costs to a minimum, charging only what it costs to create and distribute your items. Any surplus gained (e.g. via donations) is invested in new products, or used to subsidise / assist people with their purchases.

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